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  • MBAC Premgripp® Socks

MBAC Premgripp® Socks


Marby Bum Active Club is a local Edinburgh business based in Marchmont.


Introducing MBAC Premgripp® Socks, the ultimate solution for grip-enhanced performance across a variety of sports and activities. Originally developed with barre classes in mind, these socks quickly proved their versatility and became a favourite choice among runners, footballers, netballers, Pilates enthusiasts (both on the mat and reformer), yogis, and barre enthusiasts.

After three years of dedicated development, we are proud to present a new generation of socks that seamlessly integrate grip properties, maximizing power transfer during quick changes in direction. With Premgripp®, you can trust in consistent performance, wash after wash, enabling you to unlock your full potential in every workout.

Premgripp® is not limited to a specific sport category — it is a truly versatile sock that delivers superior grip. Designed to enhance traction between the foot and the sock, as well as the sock and the shoe, it elevates your performance margins. Additionally, the anti-blister properties of Premgripp® ensure a comfortable experience, while its fully elasticated foot moulds to the shape of your feet.

Don't compromise on grip and performance. Experience the power of MBAC Premgripp® Socks, the choice of athletes and fitness enthusiasts across multiple disciplines. Reach new heights and achieve your goals with every step.

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